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What you need to know

We believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses do the most social good in the world. As small business owners you create the jobs, products, services, and civic support that fuel our communities. We understand that as entrepreneurs you want more than coaching and advising; you want vehicles to get to the next level.

Nu Business Solutions is a "Build and Grow Agency" - We build businesses and then grow them to profitability and beyond. The way we achieve this is by serving as the arm for your marketing, management accounting, staffing, and administrative back-end mid-office support. We are here to provide you full service 360° direct implementation of the business services you need. Book a consultation now to explore how we can launch, stabilize, grow, and scale your business to its highest potential.

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Is my business running me or am I running my business?

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How it All Fits Together

Get comprehensive support from 6 specialized teams working together to grow your business.

For new business owners

The average new business takes months or years to get off the ground with missteps along the way when going it alone. Avoid the delays and costly mistakes. Get Nu Business Solutions help to transform your new idea, vision, and startup business into a thriving, operating, sustainable, and profitable business enterprise.

For existing entrepreneurs

You don't have to suffer with business problems, staffing issues, uncertainty, low income, or falling behind the competition. Get singular or comprehensive help to reach your goals. What if your accounting, management, and marketing consultant could bring your business vision into reality while we give you more free time in the process?

Benefits of our service

100% perfect for your fast paced business needs

Customizable solutions 100%
Responsiveness & Reliability 100%
Transparent Work Flows 100%
100% tailored to fit your needs 100%
On-demand appointment scheduling 100%

How it Works

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Choose. Which Solution is Right for You ?

What if your accounting, management, and marketing consultant could bring your business vision into reality while we give you more free time in the process?

Where do I start? What is next?

From Idea to Operational and Profitable

I have the vision, the money to make it happen, and the goal. You do the rest.

I'm doing too much. Help take the weight off.

Full Service Back Office Management

Get me out from under dreaded time-consuming tasks so I can focus on income-generating activities.

I want help with problem areas in my business

Business Anytime* Management Advisory Support

Bring me solutions that will help me sleep better knowing everything for my business is taken care of.

I need accounting help and financial clarity

Accounting + Insight = Foresight

Be my Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Wave Pronetwork, or Xero Certified bookkeeping and accounting solution.

I need a demand-stimulating website and marketing to get more customers

Demand Boosting Marketing & Web Design

I need marketing expertise designed to compel, excite, and actively draw paying customers to me at the speed of my business.

I want projects with results without dealing with headache customers, staff, and vendors

Special Projects to Operate, Scale, and Grow

Help me make money while just doing the parts of the business that I enjoy.

Don’t suffer alone. Soar with help.
Our Services

Get precision clarity with

Get keen insights through the numbers to get more control and predictability for your business. In this day and age merely a website won’t do it. Get the online business presence that attracts visitors and creates customers.

Get demand stimulating

Website Development
In this day and age merely a website won’t do it. Get the online business presence that attracts visitors and creates customers

Get sales boosting

There’s so much competition. Get the online and offline marketing that keeps your services in the forefront of the mind of your ideal customers.

Get Strategic

Two heads are better than one. Now multiply that times the number of members of your Nu Business Solutions team who put our expertise in play to help you transform ideas into reality.

Get productive loyal staff with

Human Resources
Staff and recruit the right team of individuals who understand your company's vision and believe in working hard to help attain it.

Get growing with

Business Development
When you have expert support around you, it frees you up to think beyond the day, week, month, quarter. Scaling to the next level is possible in less time than you think when we help position you for the growth.

You are searching for something. Wanna know the secret?

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New stunning projects for our amazing clients.
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