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Why to choose?

  • Increased Profits though reduced expenses.

    Cut your overhead and eliminate the payroll, HR, hiring, & training costs of maintaining an in-house bookkeeper or accounting department by outsourcing your services to us here at Nu Business Solutions.

  • Confidence

    Increased accuracy, unbiased information, and oversight provides you with assurance in the integrity of your records and financial information.

  • Assurance

    Know your financial position at all times with up-to-date reports with relevant explanations to empower your business decision making.

  • Invaluable advising

    Beyond the numbers we can translate them to help your company grow and reach goals faster.

What we provide

QuickBooks Set-up and configuration projects
  • Accounts Receivable

    Customer/clients invoicing, and A/R management services, collections help, tips on how to get paid faster

  • Accounts payable

    Bill payment and tracking done right with optional payment recommendations, and receipt management services

  • Catch-up and clean up projects

    Months or years behind? Accounts out of whack? Problem solved

  • Payroll

    Affordable pricing scaled for small businesses of 1-50 employees

  • Financial reports

    With RELEVANT explanations that inform how you can increase profits

How Business Gets Done

The old way: cobbling different services together to try grow your business. Startups and existing businesses used to spend months and years trying to get off the ground and become successful.

The Nu Way: Nu Business Solutions has revolutionized how business gets done. When specialized teams of experts work together, your vision for your company becomes a reality with accelerated results.

How it All Fits Together

Get comprehensive support from 6 specialized teams working together to grow your business.

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  • Human Resource

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Digital Marketing

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