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Virtual Phone System Side by Side Feature Comparison: OOMA VS Google Voice by Workplace

One missed phone call to your small business could result in untold last revenue. For this reason, it is crucial to have a reliable phone system that can log calls, record voicemails, and direct callers to the right team members.  Since it is not 1985 and you do not have to sit by a desk […]

Want More Website Visitors? Integrate Core Web Vitals Google Metrics

More visitors, more sales come complementary with an awesome user experience on your business website, says Google, with the introduction of the Core Web Vitals metrics for website SEO ranking.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make when Getting a Consultation

Your objective to benefit and monetize from a consultation is a matter of simple preparation. Here’s the list of essentials to take a note of before you book your consultation for business development or any other purpose.

Which Accounting Software is Best? – Use This Comparison Guide with Recommendations to Choose Which is Best for You

With a hundred options for Accounting Software, which one would you choose spot-on, to resolve your accounting problems in the most convenient, economical, and effective way? Here’s your cheat sheet.

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