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Here is Nu Business Solutions’ Small Business Startup Checklist. It’s designed to help you start your entrepreneurship with the right foundation. Use this as a guide and a touchpoint as we work together.

  •   Select a realistic starting cash investment to launch and finance operations until operations can sustain financing through profit reinvestment
  • Select a management consulting firm
  • Set up budgets, revenue goals, business goals, reinvestment plans, and timelines with your management consultant
  • Vet vendors and suppliers
  • Create a pricing strategy
  • Create a sales and product/service delivery process
  • Create a profit reinvestment and internal capitalization strategy
  • Select your dream team with the help of your management consultant
  • Select a business name
  • Select your attorney(s)
    • Business/industry specific
    • Other
  • Determine with your attorney what legal business entity best suits your business
  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number
  • Select with your attorney the state in which you want to register
  • Register with the Secretary of State
  • Obtain professional certifications or hire certified personnel
  • Select an accounting firm
  • Select the bank that best suits your business
  • Set up business bank accounts (usually 2)
  • Obtain professional, business, and local licensing
  • Set up accounting, accounting protocols, and an accounting checks and balances system
  • Set up payroll and payroll processing checks and balances
  • Set up merchant accounts and payment processing
  • Obtain proper insurance
    • Liability
    • Worker’s Comp
    • Key Man
    • Vehicle
    • Property
    • Other
  • Create a marketing and customer acquisition plan
  • Create a digital marketing plan, content, and collateral
  • Launch marketing, advertising, and lead generation
  • Register a domain name
  • Create a brand strategy, and supporting graphics: logo & collateral
  • Trademark or register logos and brands
  • Build out your website and comprehensive online footprint
  • Identify your Human Resources consultant
  • Create a staff engagement roadmap for success
  • Create policies & procedures
  • Create employment applications and staff agreements (HR, management consultant, attorney)
  • Implement a documented system for monitoring and actioning 30/60/90 reviews, incentive acquisition, demerit criteria, terminable offenses.
  • Recruit, screen, hire, onboard, and support staff
  • Monitor planned vs. actual budgets, revenue goals, business goals, reinvestment plans, and timelines with your management consultant
  • Revise plans and objectives based on internal and external drivers
  • Participate in monthly Nu Business Solutions accounting reconciliation financial reviews
  • Participate in quarterly Nu Business Solutions advisory strategy sessions to review corporate milestone and goals
  • Please discuss the initricate layers of these foundational activities with your accountant, attorney, or management consulting professional. To get strategic planning help for your small business startup click here to book an appointment.

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